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Multi-award-winning skincare
for ALL skin types and shades

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Why Prescription Skin Care?

Obagi is the leader in prescription-based topical skin care solutions for just about every skin care need.

Many beauty products now claim to rival the effects of medicines. Beware advertising claims of 'boosting youth protein production' or 'skin lifting' - according to the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA), such products should undergo medical trials and be distributed as prescription medicines.

Obagi is different. Obagi is medically proven..

Best botox ever!

Renata London Anti-wrinkle injections

Who is Obagi for?

Obagi works on a cellular level - scientific fact.
It helps good skin glow and even corrects uneven skin tones, such as dark circles around the eyes, acne scarring or sun damage including freckles in men and woman of all ages. 
Cells turn over rapidly, skin physically peels revealing a fresh even glow.


Before & After

We believe actions speak louder than words.

Great pain free results, highly recommend. Really pleased. Thank you.

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A multitude of facial areas plus advanced techniques including the neck and underarms.



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Prescription Skincare

Say goodbye to foundation! Throw away those unproven lotions and potions! If you're searching for that glow or a solution to problem skin, bespoke prescription-strength skincare will transform your skin. Suitable for ALL skin types and shades.

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