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Astonishing Before and After Transformations

We believe that actions speak louder than words.
Below, you will find a collection of before and after shots for botox, fillers and our range of award-winning prescription strength skin care regimes by Obagi. We do more than just make good skin amazing. We also help you wave goodbye to a raft of conditions: including acne, freckles, rosacea and patchy skin.
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Brilliant service and great results! Thank you !!!

Kate London Anti-wrinkle injections

Botox before and after

Botox is generally used in the upper face to treat dynamic lines (those that disappear when you stretch your skin). They result directly from the creasing caused by over-active facial muscles.

Look at the stunning before an after shots above. The tension in these patients'
frown lines (between their eyebrows) has relaxed. Also, notice how the surprise lines (forehead) on the left-hand patient have repsonded magnificently.
Not only have their lines improved but they will prevent new lines from forming.

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Fillers before and after

If left too long, wrinkles can become static creases. They do not disappear when
you stretch your skin. Dermal fillers literally ‘fill in’ such areas. They can also be
used for sunken or creased cheeks, under the eye and around the mouth.

Look at our before and after shots above. the patient on the  left had the uneveness in her top lip corrected. The lady on the right had her thinning lips enhanced. Finally, in addition to botox in his frown, the gentleman in the middle had his nose to mouth (nasolabial) folds filled for a youthful look.

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Obagi Nu Derm

Absolutely brilliant!! Fantastic Service!

Charmaine London Anti-wrinkle injections

Nu Derm is Obagi's most comprehensive skin resurfacing treatment.
Superior to micro dermabrasion, it regenerates skin at  a cellular level. Efface fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to freckles, age spots and dark circles. Patients gain excellent results for a range of skin types and conditions. Take a look our stunning before and after pictures. See how incredible Obagi Nu Derm is. Just imagine. What could Obagi do for you?

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Obagi C-Rx

Obagi C-Rx. For skin that cannot tolerate aggressive regimes.
The antioxidant, Vitamin C, in C-Rx combats free radicals that cause ageing.
See our amazing before and after shots below. These patients improved their sun-damaged skin. Fine lines were reduced and discoloration of the skin was vastly improved.
What could Obagi do for you?

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Obagi 360

360 is Obagi's non-prescription system for patients aged 20-30.
A unique combination of effective ingredients provides
early intervention for loss of radiance and resilience; the
appearance of minimal fine lines and wrinkles; dull,
uneven skin texture and complexion; visible pores and dry skin.

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Obagi CLENZIderm

Clear acne with CLENZIderm's patented prescription-strength formula.
If over-the-counter remedies continue to let you down. Contact us for a life-changing FREE CONSULTATION. You too could be only weeks aways from healthy skin.
See our amazing acne before and after shots above.

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Fantastic results of the skin care .... I would recommend it A ++++

Maria Newark Obagi Nu Derm

Obagi Blue Peels

Obagi Blue Peels. Designed to boost the Obagi skin care regimens.
Obagi peels remove the outer layers of skin to reveal the fresh complexion below.
Choose from the deep penetrating Blue Peel or the gentler Radiance peel that works over several treatments. Take a look at the simply astonishing results in our before and after pictures below.
Get ready to share in Obagi's stunning results.

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