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What is Obagi Nu Derm?

Obagi’s range-topping skin care range.
Unlike other untested beauty skin care systems, Nu Derm is a proven
prescription-strength regimen that gradually peels old skin
over 6-12 weeks, revealing a fresh younger complexion. As it’s a medicine,
it also penetrates deeper to restore healthy skin function at a cellular level.

Who is it for?

Make great skin flawless

Suitable for men and women; all skin tones and types;
most ages and levels of condition.
Many do not realise that the sun is main cause of skin ageing.
By addressing photo-damage, Obagi Nu Derm
results in younger and healthier-looking skin. Scientific fact.

Wave goodbye to problem skin

Customer Reviews Efface Aesthetics

Absolutely brilliant service...
My skin has never been better.

Marie Rotherham Obagi Nu Derm

Astonishing results

6x greater improvement in reducing fine lines and wrinkles than the most commonly recommended over-the counter skin care products

*Published in Cosmetic Dermatology, April, 2006.

3x greater improvement in reducing mottled hyperpigmentation and sallowness than a hydroquinone treatment


to the new you
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